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please give permission to drm files please


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can you please give permission to listen to *.dcf files so we can listen to it?


i am in love with the Poweramp app since it is the best music app in the world.

with better user experience and better sound quality.

the thing is the korean music sites give permissions for its users to listen to dcf files from samsung, lg or devices its partner with.

so with the device you have let you listen to the dcf files, it allows you to listen with any app if the app gives permissions to open dcf.

the music sites is the biggest music sites in korea with millions customers.

the music app they give isn't good

and you know Poweramp is better than samsung stock music app.

a lot of people use playerpro instead of Poweramp because of this, even tough it is not as good.

this is not illegal.

this is legal and there will be no trouble.

the drm is signed to the devices not what music app it is played to.

please consider doing it. you will have so many more users from korea.

thank you

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