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Oneplus 6 + Cambridge MagicDAC 100


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Hi there,

I try to make Poweramp playing FLAC music from oneplus 6t phone to my cambridge magicdac 100 (16-24bits/44,1-192 khz max).

I have some trouble to configure it.

In the panel i choose Hi-res  output >DAC USB (well identify) > no DVC (if not active = no sound)

sample format is 24 bit.

Sample rates is "define by device". And this is the problem, i have 16 bit 44,1 khz and 24 bit 88 khz songs.

If i keep define by advice i have 48 khz applied on all songs (looks like the DAC  used is the internal one)

I have to manually change the sample rate on 44,1 and 88khz between each songs to suits correctly to the external DAC (led lights moves).

How  can i make Poweramp sample rate automatically "define by the file" and bypass the internal dac directly to the external one ?

Thanks for help.


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