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Online buy from the market, is it safe?


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I had my android phone for about 8 months now, never ever buy an application, but this one worth it :)

I loved it, the second i install it (about 3 days ago).

Now my NooB question: is it safe to buy online using the android market?, I have seen that there is a QR codec with the unlocked version that takes me to the android market.

just wanted to know your opinions.

I would really prefer to use ibay but... i really want this program :D hehe

thank you


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The Android Market is the official Google facility for buying apps (and other stuff for the Android platform). No online purchasing method is 100% safe, but I have had no problems so far with the Android Market (and I have bought many, many apps through it). If you want to use paid apps on your Android device, and those paid apps are only available on the Android Market, then you don't really have much choice anyway. :)

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