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Poweramp doesn't shows up in Open with...


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Hi I have this issue since a long time ago and I always blamed Samsung MyFiles for it but I think it’s Poweramp’s fault..!

When in a file browser (doesn’t matter which) and selecting a music file Poweramp doesn’t show up in the list of Player’s!!! This is annoying since I used to use that function a lot! I always thought Samsung MyFiles somehow doesn’t recognize Poweramp but now I believe Poweramp doesn’t flags himself as a music player to the system, therefore not showing up as a option. Can you fix that please? And is anyone else has this issue?

Back on my Galaxy S4 I used to select a music file in MyFiles and it would ask me once like on any android which app I want to open this file with, and after choosing Poweramp every time I select a file with that format Poweramp would start playing it. But later came a update on my Galaxy S6 and since then this function never worked again! I want it back! Now on my Galaxy S10. I started believing it's not MyFiles fault rather Poweramp's.

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DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE I got a update 5 mins. ago and it seems like youguys heard my request!!!! It's working now!!!!! DUUUUUUDE I've should have bring this up years ago. FINALY I can chose a music file in Samsung MyFiles App again and Poweramp i amongst the apps that are usable to play it back! I of course chose Always use Poweramp and it's workiiiiiiing. 

Thank you guys. 

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