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How does PA register a ringtone?


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Hi, I'm new here, alright :)

Using the full version of Poweramp since early 2011 and never had any questions about it - it's just a brilliant and perfectly intuitive app, thanks for that!

Today I switched to a different ROM (from MIUI to CM7.1) and had to go through the entire setup of my device including setting up of ringtones, alarms and notification tones. During that step I started wondering how Poweramp is registering ringtones: all the other music players I know of are simply copying a given music file into a folder named "ringtones" or "alarms", either on the SD or onto the device (/system/media/audio/). But either I don't find those copies or Poweramp is using a different method.

So both out of curiosity and because I'd like to be able to create some kind of backup of my ringtone / alarm settings I'd love to learn how this is done here (hoping it's not a secret...)

Thanks for your input

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