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Galaxy S2 with PowerAMP + Headset with control buttons

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HI friends,

I'm the new guy.

Today I installed a trial version of Poweramp 1.4 build 387.

I really like this app because it has its own volume control that lets you adjust the volume very accurately.

Now I'm looking for a new headset that has an integrated multimedia control.

(For example the Etymotic MC2 - don't know its quality, though.)

As far as I know Poweramp supports such buttons as "Next track", "Previous track", "Pause" etc - at least there is an option for that.

However, some headsets also give users the possibility to change the volume, digitally (some people say analog volume controlers aren't good because there's some loss.).

Now I wonder if they'll change the global volume of the cellphone or the volume of Poweramp.

The global volume sucks because it goes from 0 till 15 by single steps (1, 2, 3 etc.)

I would like to increase Poweramp's volume control because it's, as already said, really really fine.

Is this possible and can you recommend some specific headset to me?

Thank you very much!

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Sorry for "bumping".

I hope I won't get banned for that.

Ok, another question:

Is it possible that the two volume buttons (on the Galaxy S2) don't decrease/increase the system volume but the volume of Poweramp?

Of course it might take longer to change the volume because the steps are really fine, but it wouldn't be a problem for me.

I can always reach these two buttons very simply, so if it's possible that Poweramp changes their function, it will be great.

And thank you again for this app!

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