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Homescreen widget doesn't update

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I have seen this issue ever since Poweramp upgraded to version 3.  I've seen it on two phones (HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S9+), across multiple Android OS versions.  I'm currently using Poweramp version v3-build-826-play on Android 9 on a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

I have my phone set to automatically start playing music when it connects to my car's bluetooth, and stop playing when it disconnects.  I have a Poweramp widget on my homescreen, and I also have the lockscreen player enabled.  However, if I never wake my phone during playback, the widget will never update.  So if I start my car, listen to a couple of songs, and stop my car, the widget will never update as long as I never viewed my screen (thereby activating the lockscreen player). 

If I unlock my phone the widget will update correctly. I've also noticed if I've opened my phone (thus opening Poweramp), then I view all apps and close Poweramp, once playback stops if I view it again the widget will appear as if playback is still going on.

I've also tried using my car's music controls to advance tracks.  When I do that it seems to update the widget correctly, which means it might only happen when the tracks advance by playing all the way through.

I definitely didn't have this problem in version 2.X.  It's not a huge deal since I can just view the screen temporarily (triggering the lockscreen player) to ensure the widget gets updated, but what's the point of the widget if it won't update without the main app being open?

If it matters at all, I typically shuffle by album (jump to next list, shuffle just categories, start playing from the album list). 

If I remember correctly I've tried one or two widget styles and they all seem affected.

You should be able to replicate it by setting your phone to start playing on connection to bluetooth, let it play for a couple of songs, then disconnect from bluetooth, all while making sure the app is never opened nor running in the list of apps when pressing the overview/tasks/apps button.

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