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List Shortcut and Automation


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I am trying to use automation with Poweramp. The purpose is to be able to auto launch a selected playlist in shuffle when a particular bluetooth is connected (for using with my bluetooth alarm clock). 

Thanks to the new function in beta build 820, I created a shortcut for this playlist and selected shuffle. The shortcut is working correctly in itself, although not always starting Play. 

My issue is when i try to use automation. I tried with Automate and Tasker. Both apps can see the shortcut in list but fail to properly launch it. Automate reopens the list/shuffle selection each time, thus not starting anything. Tasker gives me an error message saying that the shortcut is not properly implemented using Android APIs. 

Do you know of way to get this working? Would it be better once i get Android Pie? 

I am using Poweramp beta build 820 on Exynos Galaxy S8 G950F, Android Pie 9.0


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