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A simple way of building a "safe" playlist.

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First of all I am very late to the "tech" world and don't have a map so be gentle please. I have a Galaxy S by the way.

I love my music and I love to bluetooth it randomly to wireless speakers when training or just sat in the garden. Sadly I have spent many hours building playlists only to have Poweramp empty their contents when my back is turned. I have loads of music so have a 32GB microsd installed which holds almost all my music and which I add to by use of MS Explorer from my home PC whenever I get a chance. Needless to say playlists can have hundreds of items. I don't use Kies, as it appears to be uselessly unfriendly.

How then (and seriously people I mean step by step) do I build a playlist that Poweramp can use but not wipe at a whim. So far, the only way I can get music played anyway is to put each album straight onto the card. If I put into files called "music" or "playlist" for example it will not play them. I love the other features of Poweramp and want to be able to do this one thing so I can use it for the main reason I bought it, ie if I want classical and not 80s funk, that should be easy, playing all tracks randomly and skipping things by hand is not a modern solution, and genre tags are horribly inaccurate.

Anyone patient enough to provide an "generation-proof" walkthru?

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