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Poweramp EQ - Manual EQ profile override per session


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Since we only have 1 Bluetooth profile, and no way to create different ones for different devices (my shower speaker sounds completely different than my car sound system, my headphones, and my AptX HD room speakers).

At the very least - can the player stop re-applying the default profile for a given output, when any new song loads, if:


1. The user chose a different profile in the UI, and

2. No bluetooth disconnect event has occurred, or

3. The player has not stopped playing for more than 5 seconds (excluding incoming calls)


Alternatively, if possible, give us the ability to create different sound profiles for different Bluetooth devices. While this might not be possible for 3.5mm headphones, it might be possible for BT.

If we could also apply rule #1+#3 for analog headphone output, that'd be great.

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