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Crossfade suggestion


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Hello. I'm using Poweramp on my phone and I'm very happy with it :)

I have a suggestion about the crossfade function that I'm sure is simple to implement and will make Poweramp the life of the party or atleast a radiostation that plays everything you want in your pocket :)

The current (traditional) crossfade is to lower the volume of the track that ends, untill it reaches zero (fade-out), and, at the same time, raise the volume of the track that just starts from zero to the maxx (fade-in). While this feature is great and very useful, you could also add as additional (user-selectable) option for a crossfade WITHOUT fade-in and fade-out, just play the next track over the last track, when the fade time, selected by the user is reached. This will create the nice effect for DJ-like application that never stops playing, and, I think most users will like it.

If no one has an idea what I'm talking about, hear the next example:


Note the crossfade, between the songs, the next song plays without fade in over the current one, and the current one has no fade-out.

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