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Archos 5


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I am looking for a better music player for my Archos 5, and picked-up an interesting review of your app. I need some information please from you

I do not use the Archos as a phone, so I will not be able to download directly. Can I do so via my PC?

I use the Archos as a media player through my high-end Hi-Fi. I do not download MP3s, all of my music files are full-format Windows Media Files ripped from my own CDs to retain full frequency-spread. All of these are synched regularly via my PC, together with playlists that I compile on the PC. Does your app sync with Windows Media Player?

If answers to both the above are yes, are there any known issues regarding yor player and my methodology that I should be made aware of before purchasing? In answering that, please do not try and persuade me that what I am doing is not ideal - it works for me, I am quite happy with it, it's just that the media player loaded on the Archos when I purchased it is not particulary good, and I wish to upgrade it.

Thank You

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