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First time user!!!

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This is the first post and the first day(about 6h) i'm using this piece of software(the free part of course) and i'm very happy i found it.

I only wanted a music player that has "dynamic queue"( i usually listen to random music, but occasionally i want to listen a specific song, on windows winamp the "q" key). I was happy with the stock player (SGS 2.2), until i wanted to listen to some piece of music i felt like,(was on BT car stereo at a stop light, plenty of time) so tried scrolling , not fast enough(light turned green). also tried the search button(at the next stop light).it found the song title and i was happy. but when the song ended i was left with nothing to listen( and no stop light in sight, i had to pull over). Remade the playlist and went on my way with the thought of using another app from the market. tried several actually(free of course) with great graphics, ultra equalizers, etc.....(all i wanted was the "dynamic queue")

Today i found this app(Power AMP), and has the thing i want + the other thing( graphics, widgets....)+great support (or so appeared after trying to find bugs on the forum). i didn't find one particular function: does it cook?(actually it doesn't need to, its a music player after all, not a chef)

Great job it's a must have app. at least until now, i have to test it first to see if it works for me. and i'm almost sure it will( if it won't, it's still great). if i find bugs, i'll almost certainly get a solution(i know i'll use the search function first). any missing function will most likely be implemented(if not already and i don't know about it).


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