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Distorted Sound


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I just tried version 3 for hours. 
Last version I can feel bass sounds deep, crisp treble, wide sounds yet still full. 

Now when I raise tone for bass, before I reach the depth of bass I desired, it's already distorted in many songs that I didn't encounter before. 

Not much problem for treble, but it sounds plain. 

And stereo expander, when I raise it, now it sounds empty in the middle.

I feel like listening to alesis which is flat speaker, bad voice sounds bad and good voice sounds good.

Maybe I was wrong, but I feel it sounds different in character. Last version I can enjoy any songs with low quality mp3, but now seems I must convert all the songs in library into higher bit rate or even in wav, because the sounds are too honest. 

Maybe anyone can help with these problems? Something I did wrong in settings? 
I use Cat S41, android 8.0.0

Thank you. 

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