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Shuffled all returns to first group in alphabet

Ruud Westerhout

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Using PowerPoint V3-build-808-play (Full Version) on a Samsung S9 (SM-G960F) with Android 8.0.0 Build R16NW.G960FXXU2BRJ3

The problem can easily be reproduced:

-Phone is off for a longer time

-After switching on the phone, Poweramp is started, Shuffle is on 'all available songs'

-first song plays til the end or next song is pressed, the next song will be a random song from the first artist I have starting with A, 10CC is not taken, in my case Acda & de Munnik. Each next song will be from this artist, random between their albums.

The shuffle icon is shown to shuffle between all songs avialable.

Clicking multiple times on the shuffle button ending on shuffle all does not solve this. It will only change to 10CC (in my case) and shuffle their songs.


If I want real to change to real shuffle all, I have to go to the library, take all songs, press play (it will switch off shuffle), switch on shuffle all and either wait for the next song or switch to it.


This shuffle is working fine if the phone is switched off only for a short while. If the phone is off for say 10 minutes, the situation is already liked explained above. I update the app regularly and had this with current and last version of the app.

Hope this helps to find the bug.

best regards,



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