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1. In hierarchy when using the random button, it randomizes the folder with a specific option wich is random songs of the list and then it moves to another random list and so on, but we should have more options, like random lists and songs in order, or all songs random, i hope im clear.

2. The total songs of a folder is something we can see only in the last folder, but it should show all songs in all folders and subfolders too, it just show 0 when the hiearchy is higher.

3. Total time of the folders and subfolders would be useful, or showing total time of the list we create.

4. When creating lists we should have some kind of option that creates a special list which erases the listended song.

5.also there is a problem when creating lists because they always get empty, the songs just dissapeared, with the excuse that i have to use m3u lists based on files, why cant Poweramp do this and do it well?

6. When pushing the time lapsed of the song it should switch to remaining time of the song, this would be great.

7.like the five stars can dissapear we should be able to dissapear the black blocks that have name and album this is something the whole comunity just dont get used to, i have my solution which is:

Show them only 5 seconds after song change, then make them dissapear, if we touch the cover make them appear if we touch again then go to the album like it does, but the idea is to see the whole album art somehow.

Thanks and great job.

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