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WavPack 5.x : no DSD support


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Hello, and sorry for my english.

I'm quite new here but I'm an old Poweramp user.

I'd like to ask for WavPack 5.0 support. The 5.0 specification/library has been released in December 2016. There's a major innovation in this format: DSD/DSF encoding. Now DSF files can be losslessly encoded in WavPack (standard .wv extension). And if the device doesn't support pure DSD playback, the decoder decodes the DSF-WV file into high resolution PCM.

I know that foobar2000 mobile had the ability to decode these new WavPack library. It worked well. Poweramp 799 doesn't play those *.wv files. I suppose it's based on an older WavPack library.


Is it possible to update the WavPack library in the upcoming Poweramp 3.0? I'm very happy to have an Opus and DSF support. The new WavPack DSF support would be great :)







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