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Search titles, scroll bar, tempo


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  1. "Search" -> "list options" does not include the category "titles".  "All songs", which really ought to be labelled "all catagories", finds tracks where the search string appears in either the album name, the artist name or the track title and so gives many false positives. For example, searching for "william" can give far more tracks where the artist name contains "william" (or "williams") than tracks where the string is actually in the title.
  2. One of the reasons I started to use Poweramp was that the scroll bar was well separated from the play/pause button. In many other music-playing apps the scroll bar is immediately below the play/pause button; in those apps, when attempting to hit pause, there is a good chance of, instead,  jumping to play in the middle of the track. Poweramp put the scroll bar well away below the track-title etc. Now in the 799 build the play/pause and scroll bar are not just close together they are on top of one another! This is awful. OK, the amplitude/loudness bumps on the scroll bar are a bit helpful in selecting a specific point, but covering  the scroll bar with the main control buttons is definietly not good. It is much more difficult to appreciate where in a track you are (how far from the end am I?) during a very brief glance. Yes, I realise you can turn off the buttons, but I need them to be available immediately to pause and rewind the track.
  3. Covering-up the bottom-left corner of the album art with the a poorly presented track-title is cluttered. There can be writing in that corner of the album art. Why not make the album art a bit smaller so it can all be seen, and the track-title is more legible on an uncluttered background?
  4. After the above three moans, there is, however, one superb new capability which works really well. This is 'change tempo'. Being able to control the tempo of (dance) music in  1% steps is extremely useful. Until now, I'd been forced to keep another app (VLC) on my tablet, and switch to it if I wanted to change the tempo of a track of dance music; unfortunately that app only allows 5% steps, which is too coarse. However, why has the control dial for tempo been made so much smaller than it was in an earlier V3 build? It is now very difficult to adjust.
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