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New here, just bought PowerAMP, not reallly happy


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About a month ago, I tested ~40 android audio players for their level of M4A and AAC support... On M4A files, Poweramp was reading both tags and embedded album art (done with Tagscan) and played the files back fine. There were a good number of others that handled M4A files ok, but Poweramp had that pre-amp function, so I bought this one.

However, I'm wondering if there was an update that broke something in the meantime, cause while Poweramp is still reading and displaying tags and albumart for my M4A files, they are all being sorted under "Unknown", as if the program didn't know perfectly well what the songs are from the tags.

So that makes 80% of my library getting lumped together under unknown, even though Poweramp reads the tags and shows album art.

(Samsung Galaxy S2) Any known workaround for this?

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