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Long press shuffle option gone? (and queue question)


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I have all my music organized in nested folders.   Before the recent betas if I wanted to shuffle a folder I would just long press on it and the option to play & shuffle all songs in that folder and subfolders would appear.  I don't see that option anymore, has it moved or has that just not been implemented in the new betas yet?  It looks like maybe it was replaced by a shuffle icon in this image?
However when I press it doesn't shuffle those folders.  

I've never used the queue function before, I was trying that as an alternative but can't quite figure it out the best way to use it.  I use Poweramp while driving, so the less buttons required the better.   If I wanted to recreate the long press is this the process?
open library
select queue
clear queue
navigate to folder to play
long press folder
press queue
select shuffle just songs

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Yes! I am also missing this function so much and still haven't foud a solution for that in the new interface:( I have a folder structure with music for differt situatiins like "Party", "Relax", or "Workshop Music" with multiple subfolders in each. Playlist isn't a solution, as the files are changing permanently.

How can we get this recursive-folder shuffle feature back?

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