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first of all, i like the player.

however, there are some features i find quite confusing.

1.) automated "now Playing" list

I dont quite get the way, the player puts together playlists. maybe someone can help me. on my computer, i use mediamonkey, which is superb in my opinion:

i search for songs or open a folder and start one of the tracks in the result list -> the whole list is in "now playing". This is the current playlist which will be played and then the player stops.

i can search throughout my whole collection with the search bar and look for certain songs or albums. i can either start one song of the new result list und i have a new "now playing" list, the old one is gone. or i can choose "play next" and the results will be added to the current "now playing" list.

how can i archieve this wis Poweramp? in Poweramp i can add a folder or an album and start playing. but i dont have a "now playing" list? however, after finishing the album the player starts playning random music? how can i quickly add a song to the now playing list when i have 3000 songs and severeal folders on my sd? for example: i am listening to album abc in folder abc. now i feel like to listen to one certain song called zyx in folder zyx, but after this song i want the player to continue to play album abc. when using the search button, i cannot search the whole library. i have to go to the library, select all songs, hit the search button, enter song name, and then what? in media monkey i select play next and the song is next in my "now playing" list.

or i am listening to a folder with 500 tracks. i am listening to song a and song b is next. now i feel like listening to song z but i want to continue with b after z. possible?

2) When using folders i would like the option to open a folder including all subfolders!

3) using genre: i checked and double checked: i tagged all my songs with the genre "electro". However, some tracks are listed under different genres, bass, dance, etc. when i open the tracks info, it says: genre: electro. why is it listed under a different genre then? also on my computer, the tracks are tagged correctly and listed all under electro. solution?

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