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Need help advancing music with volume control.

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I have a Rooted Droid 1. The OG Droid. I love my Power amp and paid for full version. Tx. for your hard work on this. Awesome stuff. I am in a jam. I recently switched from Cyanogen Mod to Miui. I had to wipe all my data and start fresh. No big deal I got a system in place. Anyhow, I have my phone on my motorcycle sitting in a coffee cup with headphones plugged. I change music on the fly by pushing on my volume control to advance the music. Ever since switching to Miui and wiping I no longer have that option. I wonder if its a Cyanogen option and not a Miui option. Max sent me the following. I did these things but was unable to fix it.

Hello Elias,

this can happen if you updated Unlocker, but you didn't update the Trial, or vice versa.

If you purchased Unlocker on Market:

1. please update both Poweramp Trial and Unlocker from market.

2. ensure you have internet connection on the phone up and stable and start/exit Poweramp 2 times to activate it.

Note, that this is stated in the Unlocker description on Market.

In rare cases, if it didn't help,

please try the following steps (in the ordered sequence) - this is needed if Market app cached

the license server connection problem status:

1. in android settings => Applications => Manage Applications => Market => press Clear Data

2. reboot the phone

3. start/exit Poweramp 2 times. To exit Poweramp just press back until home screen is visible.


Best regards,


Any help on this would be appreciated. I need to be able to get access to my music on the fly while driving down the road on a motorcycle with a touch of a button. Help pls. Thanks for reading ahead of time.

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