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switch audio to bluetooth

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I have an HTC Evo 4G with Android 2.3.3. Most of the day I am using a Motorola Oasis HX520 (one ear unit).

When I had a blackberry there was a software switch with something like "speaker to bluetooth" or "sound to bluetooth". I could listen to my music or podcasts in the mono earpiece while working hands free and still receive calls. 8-) I think there was a switch in Slacker Radio that did this too but it could have os specific -don't remember.

I can not do this with my current phone and Power Amp. I did notice that when I press my earpiece button for a call it connects to the phone and I can hear Power Amp! However, the autodialer is also asking me to give it a name or number and ultimately in 30 seconds or so it disconnects.

Is there anything in Power Amp that I am missing? Is there something you can do to make this configuration work? :geek:


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