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List of suggestions from a new user

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Sorry if some of these have been mentioned already :oops:

1. I'm not sure of the reason (maybe someone can explain) but when entering playlists, it has to load which can take a few seconds, can playlists be cashed for faster access?

2. Show the currently playing playlist on the player screen so we know which playlist we're on While flicking between them using gestures on the album art.

3. Maybe add the option to show Song info on the player screen. (year, track, genre, composer 8-) ) I would especially like the year to be shown.

4. The addition of a "now playing" screen that can be reordered. Example: if 60's rock playlist is playing, it will show that playlist in the now playing screen and can be reordered without reordering the actual playlist, and make it so that the now playing screen can be saved as a playlist. (look at player pro as a better example)

5. Make it so that a single tap on the album art both opens and closes the lyrics screen, rather than having to tap the little "X" to close, which can be tedious.

6. Make it an option to use the volume rockers long press as previous/next buttons, also with the option of using the volume buttons to "wake" the phone.

7. Add ratings.

8. Add composer to the library screen.

9. Allow customization of the lock screen "unlock" button. I much prefere a slider over a button.

10. Not sure if it's a bug, but Poweramp has added content from my ringtone folder even though the folder isn't selected in the options.

Excellent player BTW, keep up the good work.

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