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Short rewind on Resume on BT Connect.


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I have been using Poweramp for a few weeks now and it does much more than I need, thank you very much. One of the places I use it is in the car connected to the stereo through bluetooth. In that mode it starts and stops the audio playback depending on if BT in the car is active or not. That works great but because of connection lag the player starts a few seconds before the audio is actually switched on the stereo. And similarly when the car and BT are shut off, the player is still running until the phone recognizes BT has gone away. This causes a several second gap of audio content. Not good for podcasts or audio books. These connection lags are inherent in most BT connections so a small change to your program can help out us podcast/audio book listeners. Put a setting in to back up the player 5 or ten seconds on BT resume. You could even have the rewind amount be user settable. This is also good for podcasts and audio books to refresh where you were the last time you where listening to the audio.

Just my 2 cents.

Great program!

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