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merge folder view and library view together

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I think current folder view is too complicated to use: the songs in folder view could only be add to folder playlist, and if you choose a parent folder to play, you can see the songs in only one child folder at the same time. I hope the folder view could be parallel with artist, album or genre v. iew and in the library .then the songs in folder view and artist view could be add to same playlist. And in library, instead of just show the name of different views(artist,album,etc),also display their contents. You can take playerpro, another player on android as a reference.

and i want the contents dynamic queue could be changed automatically. For example, if i choose a parent folder to play the contents of the dynamic queue will be all the songs in this folder,sorted by their paths.

All what i said is very common in other mobile players. There is no need to be different that users cannot accustom to it.

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