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Google Voice Actions

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I think I've tested every music player on the app store and like Poweramp over all the others but I seldom use it. :(

Since most of my music listening is done in the car I need to be able to use Google Voice Commands. This has pretty much forced me to use either WinAmp or CarTunes combined with the CM7 DSP Manager and a separate scripting app. I've spoken with other CM7 users who also prefer Poweramp but never use it for the same reasons.

Is it possible to customize Poweramp to use Google Voice Commands?

Also, why can't Poweramp have buttons to run the CM7 DSP scripts? These scripts can also be used in HTC Sense but the numbers are different.

snd3254 –dspmode

00. DualMic_Phone

01. DualMic_Phone_EP

02. DualMic_Phone_SPK

03. Original

04. dobly_a_spk

05. dolby_a_hp

06. dolby_v_spk

07. dolby_v_hp

08. srs_a_hp

09. srs_a_spk

10. srs_v_hp

11. srs_v_spk

12. Bass Booster

13. Blues

14. Calssical

15. Country

16. Jazz

17. Latin

18. New Age

19. Paino

20. Pop

21. R&B

22. Rock

23. Treble Booster

24. Vocal Booster

25. Recording



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