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Cifs support request

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I would like to be able to mount a cifs share and access my music that is on my network drive. Apparently, this used to work pre build 204 but now does not. It would be a great feature, making a large music collection completely portable around the house.

Found this in another thread:

Hi there, first up, just want to say that this is an amazing app - been using the leaked betas for a couple of weeks and it's almost perfect!

One major problem with the new (market) version though, unfortunately.

I've been using Poweramp to stream from my PC collection, using a CIFS share to mount it to the SD Card (/sdcard/streaming/Artist/Album) - it worked absolutely perfectly til the Market Update and now after scanning, Poweramp tells me I have no folders selected, even though it briefly flashes up the correct figures. Seriously frustrating cos I just can't see anything that has changed in this regard between the two version - anyone any ideas?

Absolute shame 'cos this truly is an exceptionally awesome player, fingers crossed I can figure this out! :)

I see. 204 build uses volume_id (assigned per sd card once when formatted). The path you're mounting most probably has no such volume_id, thus it's not recognized as sd card or other storage. This could be solved by hierarchical folder selection feature, but I can't say when this will be added.
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Hi, First off I'd like to compliment you on such a great app

I strongly second getting cifs support built in. The problem I'm having is drop outs because the CIFS share is being mounted to the sd card. I'm quite certain it's not the network as it is a wireless n network and there are no drop offs on other players data transfer is excellent a d HD video is playing well through it.

Seems to me that mounting that cifs drive on the internal memory would solve this problem.

Currently the players unusable for me for network play. (Tried the HUGE buffer setting too BTW)

Its great for locally stored files but theres not a THAT much room on the cellphone.

I find myself only using squeezebox with the squeeze player, squeeze commander Combination works really well I have absolutely no problems with that. I play through 3g while driving around town

But, and here's a big but, I really do like your player and would use it all the time if I can get it to play. Those network files when I'm at home




pplay these network files when im home

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