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Feedback on the new update (mostly positive)


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I love the look of the new design for the most part, I am so very glad that you keep working on it. I've been using Poweramp pro for almost 6 years now and have never looked back, I love it. High Res audio sounds even better on my device now (HTC 10), which I was not expecting at all. Great work.


I've used it for only about an hour so far but I have a few glaring issues however that I hope will be fixed in the next update because they really do add an irritating element of hassle to playing my music, particularly when I can't devote my attention to my screen like when I am driving:

1 - When on shuffle, some songs simply will not play when the previous song is "skipped". The name of the song, album, and album art changes to the new song, but the previous song continues playing. When I skip again, it goes to a third song and even when I go back, the third song keeps playing while the details of the middle song are displayed. But when I navigate to one of these songs via the library, they can be played no problem. Very strange issue.

2 - occasional freezing in the UI. Sometimes I can't press any UI buttons except to go to the settings, Poweramp seems to becomes unresposive even though music playback isn't affected.

3 - The list items like songs, albums, artists, etc take up about 200% of the vertical screen space that they used to. I understand that you want to differentiate the new design but please don't fix what isn't broken - this makes scrolling and visually searching a pain in the ass. Please change this. Even the List-Small option is way taller than the default old way of displaying list items.

4 - I have a LARGE music collection. I am used to swiping down very quickly when searching for something specific, and then halting the momentum of the scroll by tapping and holding my screen. In the new design, as long as I hold my tap for less than even half a second, then an album/artist/song get "selected" by the time I raise my finger off the screen. By that I mean, it gets checkboxed and allows me to select other items to add to a playlist, delete, whatever. I RARELY use this functionality, so I would much prefer for the app to listen to a long press from a static position, not from when a list is scrolling.

I hope you understand me. Now, I initiate a fast momentum scroll. I see what I'm looking for, and I stop the scroll by holding my finger on the screen. And then I have an additional thing I have to do in order to play it, I now have to close the selection screen because I never wanted to "select" an item in the first place.


Thank you for your time, I sincerely hope you keep improving the new design quickly as I still see you as the best player app on the market and I know that you have an excellent chance of staying at the top.


edit: I forgot to ad another thing which is very important to me:


5 - I would like an easier way of navigating to an artist/album list from a song which started playing via shuffle. Right now, I have to long press on the name of the song like before, but the options for navigating to the artist/album list are the 6th option, and I have to scroll down to those options. These options are below things like "delete", "lyrics", "info/tag" and "album art" which is so silly! I use those options FAR more rarely than I need to navigate to an artists complete songlist or album from shuffle play.


6 - this isn't a complaint, I just gotta compliment you on the new animations, I love them.

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