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About the updated version

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I just bought the unlocker key and now I enjoy the full version (v1.3 build342) very much.

I'd like to ask you a few question as below.

1. In the future, If there is a new update version of the main program available, Do I have to uninstall an old (full) version? and replace it with the update version (trial)? BTW I knew that I have to leave an unlocker key (plug in) installed on my phone in order to transfer the new trial version to full version. Am I right?

2. Ref to the previous purchasing, I had directly download the trial version via your website first. After that the unlocker key was installed, but if there is the new update version available. Where do I have to download the power amp (main program) via Your website or market?

3. What is the different between an old version of unlocker key and the new one (v1.1build21)? Once it has been installed, It should unlock all of the trial to become a full version? Do the update of the unlocker key is necessary?

Please kindly let me know... many thanks for the greatest app!!

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