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Endless Completely Random Shuffle

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Alright anyways I think it would be cool if there was a option where instead of Shuffle of all tracks of a list and stops in the end it would be great if it shuffles the whole time for example the same song could play more than once or something. Who cares! It's Endless Completely Random Shuffle! I don't want to know what's up next. I don't want to see the track counter when this is on. It's just completely random. The stock Android music app on my ZTE Axon 7 Mini does this it would be great if my favorite app did this as well. I feel like you can probably accomplish this by turning on Shuffle then turning on Repeat but it won't be the same because no songs would replay and I know what's up next. Like imagine finding a track you like *woohoo* and you're like "lol let me replay this" so you skip forward to a next track then go back to that previous track and you lost it *:O* I finally have almost 1000 songs but I wouldn't want to listen to it as a list, just completely random, forward and backwards. I like it maybe others will too but maybe not but it's just what I like.

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