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Poweramp stops playing

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Hello, I've had this app for a couple years through 3 phones (2 Samsung and now an LG V20). When i had my samsung phones it worked fine (maybe because it was a previous version idk) but ever since me and my wife have had our LG V20's we got in the fall your app refuses to work with bluetooth for more than 20 mins. It won't work in my Mercedes-Benz it won't work in her Smart car it wont work on our speakers in the house for more than 20 mins. I tried asking about this on the playstore when it started happening and no response or fix for it at all and i tried asking through the app in support now I'm here asking you to please find a fix for this please I'm rumming the newest version of android and i have Poweramp version 2.0.10-build-588-play (full version)

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