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  1. @andrewilley @MotleyG thanks again! working as I wanted A request I'd make to the dev would be the ability to disable some of those shuffle modes - I only want to toggle between off and all songs, but need to long press or tape multiple times. still, what an app!
  2. @andrewilley THANK YOU. The amount of options, settings, etc is overwhelming at times. I did not know about the pinch zoom option to change the list display. brilliant. I was definitely pressing the play icon rather than the first song in the list - my mistake! Random follow up, I often play all songs on random. every now and then a song is about to end and I REALLY want to hear the next song that would normally play on that album. Right now I then navigate out to the album, scroll the song list, and play that song, only to have to go back to random after. Is there a smarter way to 'toggle random off' like I am trying to accomplish the painful way? I do this on desktop with winamp - the playlist is all albums in order, so if I toggle random off, it'll just play songs in order, then move to the next album.
  3. Hello, love this app, but I primarily use it while driving, so a few UI decisions make things difficult at times. I am using the Ducktamine Minimal Skin, but I think this applies in general to the app? THE ISSUE: When navigating albums, and then playing an album, a small pane appears at the bottom of the UI - I have to tap on this to bring up the 'now playing' screen, where I can swipe to change songs, pause, etc. My issue is that clicking on this is quite difficult when driving, as it's so very small. Is there - 1. a way to make this larger, or 2. have this automatically open when an album is played (ideal). secondly, is there a way to hide album art for individual tracks? In the screenshot below, it's kind of horrible to see the same album art repeated 5 times LOL - once at the top is definitely enough!
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