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  1. @maxmp I'm using Android 12. Tried with 16000 and 2048 block size and same thing happens.
  2. I discovered that, if enable audio processing in Poweramp EQ, the bass punchiness gets reduced, it doesn't have that hit anymore. I tried to play music and turn on and off audio processing and that is my conclusion. For the testing i disabled the EQ, compressor and limiter so it doesn't change any frequency And still the bass is reduced.
  3. I have read from max that the compressor in the Poweramp EQ app is a multi band compressor that lets you choose the range where it works. Like you can compress the lows without affecting mids and high frequencies. But i have Not seen how to just use the compressor for mids only, without touching lows, or treble without affecting lows and mids. I want to be able to adjust every frequency range separately, specially the treble, 4khz and beyond without affecting lows and mids.
  4. I want to request a tool and visualizer that can detect if audio is clipping and adjust preamp to the negative value that it needs to avoid it or just by checking the visualizer, adjust it manually when playing music for example. This could be helpful to see how much headroom i have when trying to add more bass and avoid distortion. Just like the apo EQ with peace GUI on windows. The tool will be a different option than the limiter that only avoids clipping but don't adjust preamp and can't see by how much the audio is being clipped.
  5. Yeah, I'm just mentioning that the option is there, if you have an amplifier you can reduce the preamp whatever value you need to avoid clipping and distortion.
  6. Search how to download APO equalizer, i use it for windows and is one of the best software EQs, have multiple options even for surround sound, parametric equalizer, anti clipping and you can up or down frequencies more than -+40 db, Poweramp only +-15db
  7. So, there's a newer, more sofisticated alternative to legacy mode that could work in almost any phone? I don't care and I think much people wouldn't care too if DVC can't work in a "gaming Mode" because in most competitive mobile games people want to rise the mids and highs frequencies to hear more footsteps for example. Just need to make sure that the mode doesn't increase latency more than 20ms and I think that would be possible with a low buffer size. In my case, i want to crank down the highs especially in 8k bc in my TWS highs are so high that hurts my ear. I will attach a screenshot of my EQ and you will see how far I had to lower the highs lol, it's ridiculous. Also, im not a expert equalizing, i just hear music and adjust what I think I like.
  8. Well, that's why I ask you if it's possible to you to make a "gaming Mode" that could work with all the audio that comes from the phone, not only audiotracks(because obviously this doesn't work in games) like the "legacy mode" that the Wavelet app have that allows the EQ to work in any sound not only audiotracks but the issue with this is that only let you choose down to 1024 buffer size and thats what I think is adding the +100ms of latency. If you could make that same mode but with a buffer size like 192 could be low enough to add little to no latency. Instead of +100ms more like +10-20ms. Idk if it's possible to make this.
  9. I want to request a gaming Mode for the Poweramp Equalizer. I play with TWS earbuds with aptx adaptative and have playable latency. I have tried to use another equalizers to play games like PUBG Mobile and CodM and this EQs decreases the sound quality and increases the latency x2 bc for some reason they increase the buffer size. I will attach 2 test. first without EQ and second with EQ. If it's possible to add a Game mode that have low or 0 latency penalty would be awesome
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