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  1. Before clearing out the user data, I exported the player settings which got named as current-time.Poweramp-settings but now when I try to import the settings from inside the settings menu which further opens into the folder where the settings file should be. There is no file detected there but then I start the new instance of the file manger to check if if file exists. It exists for sure but don't get detected when file manager is opened from the settings.
  2. @andrewilley I don't think there should be any distortion unless the dB value of track exceeds the bit size of track which should be quite impossible for hi-res tracks since 24bit gives 120dB.
  3. Thanks for suggestions @andrewilley. I am no longer using RG, I don't feel the need. Though I am using preamp and it very much enhances the loudness. I have realized, other player might be using some sort of equalizer setting to make the higher frequencies sound more upbeat. I just noticed something unusual now that despite enabling the absolute volume, the option inside DVC menu like I have posted in image above will still show absolute volume to be disabled. I have tried both toggling BT and restarting app.
  4. It is volume thing, the other player had more punchy sound might be because of some applied gains as you told. As for Poweramp, I am already using DVC so I might have to fiddle equalizer a bit. @maxmp Thanks for clearing the stuff.
  5. @andrewilleygot it. Then what setting should I look for if I want to improve audio quality?
  6. I have disabled the replay gain since the audio is hi-res. As per sticky post, since my audio files are above 24bit. I think I might have to enable dithering but not sure which option to go with.
  7. I am on Redmi 5 Plus and LDAC earbuds. I have tried using replay gain, resampler, dvc and output settings as mentioned in sticked post. But when i try to compare the audio to qobuz player one, it does not sound that crisp and loud. I dunno I might be using some setting wrong. What should I look into?
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