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  1. Yep I want it to fade out and the next one starts immediately after it fades out without any fade-in. This way there is no delay in between the two songs, but even if there is a delay, I wouldn't mind that. @superluig164 summarized the request pretty well.
  2. Thanks for replying Andre! Didn't realize it was a much-requested feature. It's a shame they don't have it. I'm on the trial and was ready to pay for the full-version since it had all the fancy fade settings. Until I found out it didn't have what I needed
  3. I just downloaded the app but can't seem to figure out how to have regular fade-out without crossfade. I set up the crossfade to 2000 ms and I like the fade-out it gives when I skip songs. But I don't like having the next song play over the outgoing song and the fading in it does. Basically I'd like to have the current song fade-out over two seconds when I skip and the next song start without any fade-in and without playing over the previous song.
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