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  1. ya can't please everyone, so I think max should just do what he think is best for the app or maybe use a feature request with vote system (I think I've seen one like it in another app development but the site name escapes me) the one with the most votes are the most likely to get implemented instead of the current one where people make topics about their feature requests.
  2. 1. Whenever I update a song's tag through 3rd party app (AutomaTag), it doesn't update immediately (it'll update eventually) in Poweramp, especially album art, artist name, etc. but lyrics are immedately displayed. How do I make Poweramp "re-scan" the tags? Quick file rescan in Recently Added doesn't work 2. Also, after tag update through AutomaTag, the edited songs show up in 'Recently Added', how to stop this? I just want recently added to have new songs, not "old song that I just edit".
  3. Happy to hear that 2nd and 3rd requests are planned. Thanks for the good work About artist bio, can't Poweramp just parse first part (short summary) from Wikipedia? or maybe just let it open google that auto search "[band name] band wikipedia" and the users will pick the text themselves to paste into the artist bio. Sorry if I might sound ignorant, not a developer here. $5 / month / install seem too pricey and unsustainable as Poweramp itself is only a one-time payment, but if I might so bold to say here that another single-purchase music app also have artist bio feature (BlackPlayer), but I don't know where the app get the information
  4. so we can have player UI where there's both or either one (title & artist+album, title & artist, or title & album for whoever weirdo out there that use this)
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