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  1. Thank you both! I appreciate it! Even if there were no workarounds, oh well, I'll manage. I understand the need for driver focus. Unfortunately the steering wheel controls do not allow for FF/REW by way of hold. Thanks anyways! Cheers
  2. Good day everyone! Many thanks for reading and many thanks for any assistance. I just purchased a 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid and have been setting up Android Auto. For reference I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 with the latest version of Android Auto and Poweramp. I have an extensive underground heavy metal collection. So far there are no significant complaints with the player after some tweaking but I am wondering if anyone can help me with the following: 1. A rewind/fast forward function or seeker bar? I cannot seem to get this to display. Holding down the prev/next buttons does not navigate/scroll through the song. I have played around with the seeker bar options but nothing seems to show up. Is there something I am missing? 2. Regarding Google Assistant for voice commands: a. Has anyone had any luck with getting some accuracy with Google Assistant? Even simple commands like "Play Iron Maiden" or "Play [Album]" do not yield positive results. For instance: - Asking it to "Play 'The Spell of Retribution' album" will provide an error. - Adding "...by The Chasm" will provide an error. - Asking it to "Play The Chasm" will create a playlist with 3+ tracks, the first three are by The Chasm, are clearly alphabetized, and the next songs are by a completely different artist but are clearly in an alphabetized pattern following the previous three tracks. - The above "artist" request provides a similar result with other artists, such as Judas Priest (i.e. if you were thinking this was because the artist has "The" in their name). - There is no luck at all when it comes to unique artist names like Acerus, or Zemial as speech-to-text does not accurately record it in order to begin a search (Zemial was logged as "The Mile"... I do not have a German accent but that might make logical sense... lol) b. I'm curious to know if this is an issue with Poweramp or Google Assistant (unfortunately I cannot test with other devices as Google Assistant is specifically linked to service provides like YouTube or Spotify, and I have no intention of paying for either of those two)? For fun times, the most hilarious thing I encountered so far trying to get Google Assistant to recognize more types of commands was when I asked it to play the "Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw" album (lol, yes I know...). I instead received a playlist of songs where the first word in the song title was "Chainsaw"... this yielded like 7 tracks (lol, yes I know) but immediately at the end of those first 7 tracks the playlist continued with songs beginning with the word "Challenge" because alphabetically it goes CHAI... CHAL... This does indicate some sort of alphabetized priority - I am wondering if any of the app settings might fix issues like this?
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