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  1. Had to do the dump Permission from windows though. Awesome!!
  2. If I connect my Galaxy note 8 to the pc w win 10, and its recognized, will the dump feature activate or do I need linux on my pc? After connecting both via usb, opening the powerampapp adb url and connecting, will pressing DUMP feature tweak on my phone allow Poweramp equalizer to recognize other players?
  3. K, will do, but want to ask. How idiotproof is this USB connection? Can I just get windows 10 to recognize my Galaxy, open the PA adb page in Chrome, (win10), hit the DUMP tweak feature on my galaxy and forego the foil hat, or am I missing something?
  4. You guys are awesome! I am usually aware of what needs to be done next and was pretty sure a pc connection was in my future, now that said, in all my years as a network admin, I never heard of connecting two phones via usb, sounds fascinating. Ok well check it out! Ill get back...
  5. Thanks connected another android to my device via bluetooth, they connected opend chrome updated on device, and pressed "add device" my phone doesnt show up, cant connect says "webabd cant do anything without your expicit permission" what did I miss? Just getting "not connected".
  6. I got the listener permission activated, Enable Player Tracking is greyed out. I tried to run the command via android emulator, as you see, got this error. I couldnt get the adb shell activated with the # prompt, said adb: not found. Im NOT rooted. Is there a work around. How can I get it to work?
  7. 😕 $ pm grant com.maxmpz.equalizer android.permission.DUMP cmd: Failure calling service package: Failed transaction (2147483646) 2|:/ $
  8. Downloaded from google play, worked for a while though wont equalize youtube, liked compressor feature so much decided to keep using it. Then trial expired and got a bunch of locks, so I deleted it. Downloaded about a week later but only adjusts volume, no change in equalizer settings or compressor no matter what music is playing. Im on Galaxy Note 8 would buy full ver, but why, if it wont work?
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