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  1. Thank you. I don't fully understand "album mode" or how google assistant could stop Poweramp from checking whether that album (audiobook in this case) has a bookmark stored in it... but anyway it sounds like for now, I'm wasting my time just selecting different options. I think I will just combine each of my audiobooks into one super-long file, since the global "Store/Restore Per Track Progress" option does seem to take effect in this case. Podcasts are harder to deal with, since a new separate file rotates in (and an old one rotates out) with each new episode, but I'll just
  2. I'd like to be able launch Poweramp and resume an audiobook from where I was. "Ok google... play <book> with Poweramp" starts at the first track, no matter what I do. I can get it to remember a position within the first track, but most of the audiobooks have multiple tracks. Is this just not supposed to work? I tried making the name of the folder different than the tracks so it would be launching the 'folder' proper rather than the track, hopefully thus using the folder option "list position" but it doesn't work. I tried making a playlist with a different
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