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  1. @andrewilley yeah i would be mega happy if it was added. previously most of my compilation albums were just listed as 'various artists' for each individual song so the 'artist' sort method worked fine, but after updating all my files to use official tags this sorting method no longer works, and albums that feature 'Artist ft Other Artist' are sometimes in odd places too. are you aware of any way to get the A-Z bar on the folders view? all these albums are organized in their folders by album artist>album, so folder view actually displays things how I want them, the only thing missing is the A-Z bar.
  2. @andrewilley yeah im aware of the album artists view, but what appeals to me about the albums view is that you don't have to click a specific artist to begin browsing. using the album view you can scroll through all your album covers which i personally think is the best way to pick something to listen to, but also the A-Z bar on the side made it easy to jump to a certain artists discography and browse through that without taking every other album off the screen. with the album artists view you have to pick an artist before any albums appear, and when they do appear it's only the albums by that artist that get displayed. the album view felt a lot more seamless to me in terms of being able to display my entire library of albums on screen at once, but also being able to quickly find a certain discography in the same screen. there are options to adjust the way the album list is sorted, but by Album Artist isn't one of them using album view with the 'sort by artist' option has been my go to since i started using Poweramp, but it just doesn't work for compilation albums or mixes. adding 'by album artist' to the sort options would easily remedy this and i'm kinda surprised it's not there already since sort by year, artist, number of tracks etc are
  3. There's an option for sort by Artist in album view, but not Album artist. This means if you just sort by artist compilation albums are in weird places, and albums that include collaboration songs are labeled oddly too. I would love to see this added as I have always used the album view and just scrolled to the artist I wanted to listen to via the A-Z bar on the right. this worked perfectly because you can browse all you albums by their covers, but everything was organized into discographies meaning you could quickly jump to a certain artist. It sucks I can't just scroll to V for Various Artists and find my compilation albums that were added recently, or for example a mix CD compiled by a single album artist is listed under the the individual song artist names
  4. sorry to return to this thread but something else strange I noticed, in folder view PA seems to be reading incorrect track numbers from.. somewhere? The files are correctly tagged however. pic attached
  5. Also maybe worth mentioning, I was unable to edit tags on these files via Poweramp but had no issue on other apps I tested. Def something about the way Poweramp is accessing the data
  6. Okay I have done so just, I've also made sure it's just the SMB folder added to my library for the scan and no internal storage
  7. Yeah that's the case. Full rescan does nothing, I can't see why it isn't working
  8. Yes exactly, they appear everywhere that my music on internal storage does
  9. I didn't realize there was a streams category until just now😂 they are integrated exactly as all my other music is, literally the only difference is the ability to read and edit tags. It's weird because I can even add image artwork
  10. Here are some screenshots of how the files show and the folder are added
  11. Oh, also the mount location is apparently @com.google.android.sambadocumentsprovider/file.mp3 When I open info/tags. I can't find this location when I look directly though I'm assuming its somehow hidden
  12. Other guy is streaming from an unmounted network connection I believe, hence why his file is opened as a Web stream as opposed to a file. I have mounted using Google's Android Samba Client (apk since it disappeared from the app store), which allows me to use the + button in Poweramps folder selection menu to add the location via the inbuilt 'Files' app. I'll try and add some screenshots?
  13. No tag data with long press and info or a full rescan. Seems odd that it wouldn't be fast enough since the stream starts immediately and as I mentioned other apps seem to be okay with picking it up🤔 I actually can't edit any tags on these files that have been added via SMB, the edit tags item is greyed out, otherwise I would just avoid the hassle and add manually
  14. I have managed to get Poweramp to stream directly from my SMB Server by mounting it via Google's Android Samba Client and adding the mounted folder in Poweramp. This functions amazingly with gapless streaming even on 32bit lossless files over 2gb in size! My issue however is that Poweramp refuses to recognize any of the tags embedded into the files, regardless of their format. I am unable to edit the tags within Poweramp however I can add album artwork. When using folder view everything is organized fine and functions as intended but since there is no track numbers being recognized the tracks are out of order. This could be fixed by manually adding track numbers to the files but it's still a workaround. Is there any way to get Poweramp to recognize these tags? I've tried this exact same method in a few apps and had no issues with tags being recognized but no luck with Poweramp : ( I'm really impressed I can stream these files so effeciently but it sucks to have no tag function especially when other apps seem to use it fine. Build Number: 893 Device model: Honor View 20 Android version: 10 No Custom ROM
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