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  1. On the webite, it says that we have a [limited number of reactivations](https://store.payproglobal.com/checkout?products[1][id]=24163) if we buy a license on the website. But how many exactly ? Will I have to re-buy a license if I change phones twice ?
  2. O okay I didn't understand that, it's why it didn't work... So yea I emailed them 5 days ago but still didn't get any feedback, if the dev sees that message, he can contact me and I can give my google play purchase ID so he can switch the license from google to non-google
  3. I just followed this : It should work right ?
  4. Can't I just convert the google license into a google-detached one ? It shouldn't be too hard to do that on the dev side
  5. No I don't have google services anymore because I'm on a custom ROM without gapps. Although on the forum it was saying this is not a problem, it's just that my order ID isn't recognized for whatever reason
  6. Hi, I bought Poweramp on the playstore but I don't have play services anymore. So I went on the Poweramp forum and followed the steps (downloaded the website apk, went in the settings, filled in my email address and my purchase id) but it's not recognized... So I emailed the Poweramp dev but still didn't get any answer... Can anyone help or is the dev here ?
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