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  1. Or maybe something like considering Apple iTunes store ID data while matching track for example if title matches exactly with apple id or something, its not impossible but like I said its said easier than done, I have myself worked a lot on Mp3Tag software extension for windows that let you automatch tags from iTunes store using in-built search feature or by explicitly mentioning ID. All my songs are properly tagged with 1400px x 1400px album art from iTunes as well. If it was windows and the software supported plugins I would have myself made something useful, but its Poweramp and android so
  2. The title says it all but I will still explain. Normally, resume on bluetooth connection is simple and works, but there is no option to choose if you would like to resume playing only when specific bluetooth device is connected. Just like there is custom equalizer settings for each bluetooth device. This feature would be useful, if you want to resume playing songs only on Car Stereo or Home stereo but not on your personal Wireless Heaphones. Hoping for a response.
  3. Whenever you you move a song from one folder to another in the same device, the song loses its play count and position in most played tracks. The moved audio file is treated as new song. In technical terms, whenever the path of a file is changed, the database entry is NOT updated with new path, instead a new entry is created in database of Poweramp which treats the audio file as new song. It would be awesome if this could be prevented, and the play count is linked to the name of song and artist rather than file path, I know its said easier than done, but it would be cool af. Everyone would
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