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  1. Thanks for the clarity around the Unix vs. Win formatting. Oddly, when I tried keeping Win .m3u format '\' (exported from WINE in Linux) PA actually missed ~.5% of the songs in the 2 playlists it picked up. I didn't dig deep enough to see exactly why those lines in the .m3u file were being rejected but converting to Unix immediately resolved the issue. It's a really simple terminal sequence so I'm not bothered too much by having to convert that way for now. (combination of "cp" to copy the WINE files to Nextcloud and "sed" to replace '\' in their content)
  2. Yep, that's indeed all it was @andrewilley...Poweramp's now seeing every song in all +30 playlists after reverting to original Linux/WINE song filenames and directories. The only other thing I did was convert to Unix format ('\' to '/' in the directories). Thank you all again for the help! Interestingly, my PC completely locks up when transferring some of the longer .m3u's via USB cable, Linux throws me some generic MTP file transfer error and freezes the Nemo file system. Will look into that later. libmtp error: could not send object Luckily I don't need to transfer anything manually it's just reading the Unix .m3u's from my shared Android NextCloud folder fine. I'll still maintain my playlists through WINE though, so will build a quick job to handle the tasks below: Copy WINE .m3u's to shared Nextcloud folder (replacing if exists) Find & replace '\' with '/' in all Nextcloud folder .m3u's Not sure if there's any better recommendations for more-or-less automating this current setup. Either way, I really appreciate all the help here 🍻
  3. Found out MusicBee is defaulting to built-in appending of every song file with a Album Track # and exact Title as well as exact Album (song's parent folder). This leads me to think (as @andrewilley mentioned earlier) it's simply the directory mapping that is breaking the playlists, specifically the filenames. (The .m3u files obviously all contain the WINE/Linux song file directories) I'm going to run the tests starting from scratch disabling the pre-formatted sync options in MusicBee, re-uploading song files then trying the .m3u's then. The other option if that also fails is to just bypass the music player and drop the Linux audio file directories straight into the Pixel via MTP but would really rather this process be sustainable through software sync rather than manually. If both of these options still fail I'll post the .m3u's here and continue drinking heavily. Thanks a ton again for all the help.
  4. @andrewilley I do see them, no matter what format I can always confirm Poweramp 'receives' them but doesn't recognize the contents (they're empty) even after full rescan and device reboot. Even the cleanly converted to .M3U8 files were not being read. I'll try to dig deeper into any differences I notice between the 2. Just cannot figure out what is being 'rejected/ignored' by PA within the playlist files. @Absinthequ, anything is worth a shot at this point. Fwiw, I've been using PlaylistSync in Linux for .m3u/.m3u8 file conversion. https://playlistsync.app/ I really appreciate the help from both of you either way. I'll continue working through the issue.
  5. I'm running the latest version of Poweramp on Android (non-Google version) and have tried every playlist file format under the sun exported from MusicBee (.m3u, .m3u8, .pla, mbp, etc) and all fail to be recognized by Poweramp in Android. All my music syncs and plays directly via USB from MusicBee perfectly fine as a virtual device. Steps to Reproduce Issue: Export playlist file(s) from MusicBee Plug in Pixel 4 and enable file transfer on Pixel Drag playlist file to mounted Pixel 4 directory (mtp:..) via Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon PC running WINE Reboot Pixel 4 Open Poweramp and run Full Rescan Open playlist and it is empty while the music files are still in library Run Resolve/rescan within playlist and it still remains empty It's worth noting, trying to sync directly via MusicBee also fails with the following error lines within log file: 12/27/2020 2:48:30 PM - MTP device detection failed=Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {0AF10CEC-2ECD-XXXX-XXXX-3XXXXXXXX} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG). 12/27/2020 2:49:10 PM - Add playlist "C:\users\joe\Desktop\MusicBee\Playlists\Testplaylist.mbp" General failure. [P:\Music\Playlists\Testplaylist.mbp] 12/27/2020 2:49:10 PM - General failure. [P:\Music\Playlists\Testplaylist.mbp] This MusicBee sync error is the same regardless of file format and I'm sure is related to what is happening when the Full Rescan in Poweramp fails to load the playlists from the .m3u files moved over manually. Haven't found much of anything online in terms of how to workaround that error within Linux + WINE. Example MusicBee .m3u8 playlist file: T:\iTunes\iTunes Music\Artist1\Album1\2-04 Song (Live).m4a T:\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\The Elders\Unknown Album\Song1.m4a ... Does anyone know any other workarounds for Poweramp to move playlist files from Linx Mint(Ubuntu) WINE to Android? Would be happy to build a bash job to run each time I want to update playlists if it's a directory or syntax issue in the files themselves, but for whatever reason every playlist I've tried is being rejected by Poweramp. Is there at least a way to filter some sort of 'tag' or 'label' within Poweramp so I can theoretically simulate playlist creation that way? Any help would be really appreciated on this.
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