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  1. I just tried playing my own music on an app called HiFi and it played perfectly. It appears that Poweramp just doesn't play well with this Chromecast device just yet. Too bad.
  2. Checked and sample rate was set to defined by device and sample format was set to 16 bit. I tried setting sample rate to 44.1 but it didn't make any difference. Funny thing is Spotify casts without any problems as does Amazon Music. Strange. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Just bumping this to see if others are having the same problem. I know there has been at least one firmware update to CCWGTV since I posted this bug. I am starting to wonder if the problem is with my CCWGTV.
  4. Using v3 build 884 with Pixel 2 on Android 11 and Samsung Galaxy 10se also with Android 11. Both devices cast perfectly to my Google Nest Mini, Google Nest Hub and Hub Max but both have long multiple pauses during playback on CCWGTV. Also works properly with an older Chromecast on my other TV. Hope you can help because it would be awesome to be able to use Poweramp with my CCWGTV.
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