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  1. Yes that would be extra work especially for long playlists mine are up to 300 tracks where I have to scroll all the way down to reach newly added tracks. So it would be neat to have the option to toggle addition of songs to the top or bottom of the playlist. I hope these discussions are reaching the developers for consideration in next versions.
  2. I checked my phone, it does not state anywhere that the license is stored on the device as in your photo.
  3. Thanks Andrew. You mention "once it has been validated within the first 24 hours", actually this was in less than 24 hours, so do you mean I shouldn't face this problem after 24 hours elapse after the unlocker installation? The trial and the unlocker were both installed from Google play store using my Gmail account, not from Poweramp website, would this make a difference? I also installed the app and the unlocker on my phone using the same Gmail account from Google play store, but I'm not facing such issue on my phone, although it was in less than 24 hours.
  4. Hello, Currently when you add track(s) to a playlist you find it added at the bottom of the playlist. Wish there was an option to add to the top of the playlist.
  5. Hello, I installed Poweramp on my car headunit, and purchased the unlocker to have the full version activated, which was successful. However, the next day, I got the error that it is unable to verify the license and Poweramp wouldn't start. This was only solved when I logged on the internet! So it seems I have to be connected to the internet everytime I use Poweramp, which is a hassle and I would have like to have the full version active offline as I don't use internet in my car.. I would appreciate if there is any advice about this issue
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