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  1. It would be great if tapping the currently active Bluetooth codec (eg LDAC in screenshot below) automatically took you to the Trigger Bluetooth Audio Codec Selection screen in the Developer options (second screenshot below).
  2. @MotleyG Yes I appreciate that; it's all down to personal preferences, which why ideally what I've suggested would be configurable options via the settings menu. Making it default in the Alternative Layout skin would maybe be logical. In my screenshot above, there are still nine visible tracks (12 if the mini-player wasn't there) – and that's with a 'large' header and the track list not 'extra small'. When in the selected album view, the only thing I ever tap is a song title to play (and usually the first one), making the other options redundant clutter.
  3. @6b6561 I'm already using alternative layout skin; it removes the labels/icons from the art only on the main player UI. I'm referring to the selected album view, i.e. the screen that appears after tapping the name of an album. @Andre Making the header art smaller doesn't remove the labels/icon from it. The 'headers with meta' option adds another ugly label to the art. I'm proposing the artist and album title occupy a single line under the art, with the meta info an optional line under this, followed by the tracklist. The other icons (magnifying glass, shuffle etc) should be invisible, appearing after a long press on the header art.
  4. Phone has recently upgraded from Android 10 to 11, and now whenever the phone restarts, the Poweramp library is empty and needs to rescan. I have tried reinstalling the PA app and performed a full rescan, but the problem persists after every device restart. File Access Legacy Mode is off. Samsung Galaxy M31, PA version 893
  5. Could the artist and album names be moved to a single line under the art, perhaps with the play icon at the start of it? E.g. ▶Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Other info (year, track count, album duration) could be an optional line under this. The tracklist could then be shifted down a line (or two) accordingly. The other icons currently obscuring the album art could be invisible, appearing after a long press on the art. Overall, a cleaner more streamlined look.
  6. It would be nice to have an option for the currently playing track, artist and album to be centred under the cover art; currently they are left of screen. I know this option is available with various third party skins but it would be great to have built in to PA, and would surely be a relatively simple tweak?
  7. Awesome, thank you. I've been able to access the relevant folder by by connecting my phone to my PC via USB cable. Thanks again.
  8. Is it still supposed to be in Internal storage/Android/data ? Because it's not showing in mine (Samsung Galaxy M31, PA version 893)
  9. After updating to Android 11, the _com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ folder is no longer visible in Android/data/ as it was in Android 10. Where is downloaded and selected art stored in Android 11?
  10. If the height of embedded art exceeds its width (even by one pixel), then it does not fill the width of the screen in the selected album header. Screenshots below (Galaxy M31 / Android 10 / Poweramp build 893) CORRECT: Embedded art is square (or width exceeds height) – image fills width of screen. In this example the embedded art is 1200x1200. BUG: Embedded art height exceeds width – image does not fill width of screen. In this example the embedded art is 1073x1074.
  11. Settings>Audio>Output>Hi-Res Output / OpenSL ES Output It would be nice to have the option to disable resampling so tracks can be played in their native sample rate, rather than having to manually select the sample rate.
  12. Hello, it would be great to have the ability to batch edit the ID tags of multiple songs in a list. This would be useful when editing their album title or year, and is possible in Windows File Explorer. Currently in Poweramp, when multiple songs in a list are selected the Info/Tags option is unavailable. Thank you.
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