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  1. Excelent thank you a lot. And i have one more request, and it is showing "featuring singers" than in player and in widget too will be show Track Title, Album artist, Album title and Ft. artists. When users use Artist tag for Album artist, then in Album artist tag can be write singers on featuring and counter if user use Album artist tag for Album artist and Artist tag for singers on featuring (like me). For specification, when user use Artist tag for album artist, than automatically Album artist tag will be tag for featuring singers and counter like i have it. If it is possible, than one edit is needed, and it is, when song has more than one singer on featuring these singers is separate with ";" or "/" and this symbols could be replace with comma ",". This setting will be possible to allow or refuse (show or hide featuring singers) in Options menu --> Library. Thank you a lot and again sorry for my English, i hope you understand what i want to tell you
  2. Than only one way how fix this is replace Artis with Album-artist?
  3. Hi In "setting --> Library --> Lists" i changed for display album-artist instead of antis. In player all looks right, but in widget is still showing artist instead of album artist. How can i change it? My tags settings: In album-artist is album artist in artist are singers on featurings Than if song has someone in artist tag (featuring artists) than this artist is showing like album-artist in widget but in player it is in reverse and it is right and if song has not anyone on featuring, than in widget it is showing like "Unknown artist - Song name" Sorry for my english
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