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  1. Doesn't seem to be the same version of the Bixby routines, based on the "Open an app or do an app action" caption, which is different in my version. But this made me think and I checked the Bixby Routines app version in App Settings, to which it indicated there's an update available. After the update ( I got it working again with the "Play" Action just like before, seems Samsung changed some stuff around. Thanks for your help
  2. Ok, did some more testing. It seems that it doesn't play music automatically without unlocking the phone when using the "Open app" action: I used the "Open app" action before with Poweramp, because it has the "Play" intent, which was working fine: But now it seems that using that "Open app" action, it doesn't start anymore, I tested with other music player apps and it was the same. But when using the "Play music" action: The Poweramp "PSMediaButtonReceiver" doesn't do anything (or maybe I didn't configure it in the app), while for other music player apps this action works as intended - upon connecting to configured BT device Bixby routine starts the "Play music" intent with configured app and it plays without unlocking. Would it be possible to implement this "Play music" action with Poweramp?
  3. Ok, I did some testing today. I exported the configuration and uninstalled Poweramp, then installed previous 3 builds from apkmirror. The behaviour was unchanged, Poweramp doesn't start unless phone is unlocked. Every other Music player starts normally. Can this please be addressed, I really don't want to switch music player apps, specially after the ****up with scoped storage and reading .m3u playlists which just works on Poweramp.
  4. Hello, seems that running Poweramp to Play Music via Bixby routine when connected to a BT device is broken since the last Samsung A50 update. Poweramp build number (available in Poweramp Settings / About) : v3build 882 arm64-play [882004-437be2ab] your device model : Samsung A50 - SM-A505FN your Android version: Android 10 steps to reproduce: Create a Bixby routine: IF Connected to BT Device, THEN Open an App (Poweramp Play). When connected to the configured BT device, the phone is automatically connected, but doesn't start Poweramp and play music unless the phone is unlocked. That wasn't the case before, since the Poweramp started while phone wasn't turned on or unlocked. I've tried with other Music Players (Phonograph, Pulsar, Black player) and it's fine there, (they have older builds) so it must be something that's changed in Poweramp. I tried the Keep alive and Wakelock option and it was the same.
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