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  1. All the Playlist got vanished. Not only Playlist Infact the top rated songs, recently played songs, most played songs etc.
  2. I didn't create Playlist recently. Whatever the Playlist I created before is not visible now. I created those Playlist within Poweramp app itself. No I didn't move the files to anywhere. Its in the same place as before.
  3. I have added my Fav songs to my newly created Playlists but none of the songs are not visible in my Playlist. Wait even Playlist also folder also not there. And also I had rated some songs but those songs are not visible in top rated section. Don't know what is the issue but now I can't sit and add all the songs to Playlist again but however I would like to know what is the issue that led to non visible of songs in the playlists. Thanks in advance
  4. @flyingdutchman Can you give me the play store link?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I will surely check it out that
  6. Can anybody suggest me theme with stunning and very neat UI. Preferably dark theme. Send me the link or developer name or theme name Thanks in advance.
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